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Are you identifying small holes in your clothes, cupboards or curtain? This is a big sign that your property may have a moth infestation. Moths feed on fabric, paper, cardboard and cellulose and thus damage your furniture and fabrics. Welcome to Home Pest Control Perth which provides you with professional and expert moth control treatment in Perth. Our moth control Perth team is a group of certified moth exterminators who use current technologies to make your property moth-free. 

With years of expertise, we are able to offer clients comprehensive moth control plans. We create a unique moth control treatment strategy to eradicate moths from your house. The solutions we provide are long-lasting and effective. 

No matter whether it is residential or commercial property, we serve both. By reaching to property all teams will inspect and identify the moth species and will work for its eradication. This ensures the right and complete moth removal from your property. 

We offer all our services at a very reasonable price. Therefore grab this opportunity now and ring us at 0488 851 508. We are always there to help you.

We Serve Moth Control Pest Control Treatments Everywhere In Perth

Home Pest Control Perth helped thousands of residential and commercial spaces in Perth to get rid of moths from their places and make them moth-free. In fact, our moth control Perth team offers all-in-one treatment for moth control; where inspection, removal, proofing and ongoing prevention are involved. Our cloth moth control service can fight against a wide range of infestations at your property. 

With effective results as an assurance, we deliver our moth caterpillar control services and many more. Also, we assure you that your Perth property is in safe hands and executed the right anti-moth treatment. In fact, all those customised moth control in house methods we execute are in compliance with safety and health regulations. Moreover, our pantry moths extermination is of high-quality standard and to avail it you can call 0488 851 508.

Find These Signs Of Moth Type Infestations To Avail Services Accordingly

There are more than 10,000 types of mouth species in Australia and most of those live in Perth and a few moth-accommodating cities. However, we listed very few important marks that always reside in Perth and their infestation signs. So take a look below: 

Brown House Moths 

Identifying Brown House moths is easier than you can think of because they are brownish-grey and reddish-brown. You can in fact find their wings even during the night as they are darker than their main body colour itself. If you find any reddish-brown moths in flour containers, dry fruit packets, cereals, fur clothing and book bindings, identify them as brown house moths. These moths create more damage and financial losses to the textile industry as they feed on fur and wool fabrics. In fact, these are most commonly known as cloth moths.

Mediterranean Flour Moth 

Mediterranean flour moths are otherwise known as mill moths and these are common pests you find in cereals, flour and grains. They gravely affect bakeries and flour mills as these moths breed there throughout the year and clog machinery there. Mediterranean flour moths have pale grey bodies with grey wings with black zig-zag markings on them. In size, they range up to 20 mm and look very similar to moths known as Indian meal moths. Also, these are otherwise called flour moths. These flour moths cause webs which in turn cause condensation in food products. 

Pantry Moth 

They show a very noticeable sign where spinning webs are seen everywhere on food packages and holes even in food packets. Moreover, pantry moths release sticky secretions onto grains which in turn makes grains clump together. Oftentimes, pantry moths cause the cereal and flour products in your kitchen to smell unpleasant. Pantry moths have a habit of laying their eggs in food products like pasta as it has attractive odours. You also frequently notice worm-like larvae in your panty with a dark head and cream body. Another of the easiest and most common signs you can look to confirm pantry moths is to see adult moths. 

Case-Making Clothes Moth

Case-making clothes are those moths that feed on feathers, fur, wool, and hair and they usually live outdoors as well as indoors. Our case-making clothes are of two types that are very similar in size and appearance. One of them is webbing clothes moth and another one is casemaking clothes moth. A very common sign of case-making clothes moths is that they sometimes prefer to live in bird nests. Identifying these moths is easy as they are brownish in colour with dark colour spots on their wings. In fact, these moths carry silicon cases wherever they go as they feed on them when they are hungry. 

Luna Moth 

As they usually preach on leaves, they got their bright green body colour from these leaves which also make their wings look green. And identifying these Luna moths is very easy because of their bright green colour and vibrant appearance. Starting as a very hungry caterpillar Luna moth eats leaves of sweet gum, paper birch trees, walnuts and hickory. With an incredible size of 3 to 4.5 inches of wingspan, these are one of the most long-tailed moths in Australia. These are most active during the night but once it is daylight hours, they go on sightseeing. 

White Moth 

If you find a moth that is fatally attracted to your lights that are white in colour, then you can identify them as a white moth. In fact, you commonly find them in your gardens and they are not rare at all if you have bigger trees outdoors. The favourite food of white moths is planted and hence because of their feeding you usually find damage to your plants. Moreover, while white moths consume plants, they transmit deadly viruses to your plants which in turn kill them. You usually find them in only residential premises as they feed on plants that are usually found in gardens and parks. 

How Do Moths Cause Damage To Any Property? 

Not just moths but their larvae also cause a lot of damage to your property like damaging your favourite clothes and other financial losses. However, adult moths are capable of causing damage in your garden and triggering respiratory issues. If you want to know other damages a moth and its infestation cause you, here are a few, 

  • Destruction Of Belongings: There are a few species of moths that destroy your belongings in such a way that they cannot be repaired. These belongings can be books, carpets, rugs, and other papery items. 
  • Lays Eggs In Clothes: Moths lay eggs in your clothes which further leads to moth infestations in clothes of different fabrics. Once this happens you have no option other than replacing your complete wardrobe as moths ruin everything. 
  • Financial Losses: In fact, moths don’t cause you many financial losses via clothes but instead if those clothes are vintage clothes. You also get to experience financial losses if you have upholsteries such as armchairs, loveseats, sofas, etc. 
  • Commercial Damages: In case of having to deal with textiles business, if moth infestations happen, then one faces heavy commercial damages. Moreover, ¾th of commercial damages is mainly because of moths alone which in turn is a heavy financial loss. 
  • Contaminates The Food: Moths also is a reason for the contamination of your food in your kitchens and moths that affect pantry moths. In fact, moths also contaminate packed food by making holes in them and causing webbing on package edges.

Is Your Property Ready For Our 3-Step Moth Control Procedure? Here It Is

A fact is that moths are very good at navigating to new places every once in a while and hence you cannot control them on your own. Thus, we provide you with a 3-step moth control Perth treatment to regain your properties’ glory and presentable look. Here is all that you need to know about our 3-step moth control procedure. 

  • Moth Inspection 

Once you call us and want to hire our experts for moth treatment at your property, we reach your place immediately. Instantly after reaching your place, we thoroughly inspect your place. This step is not only for confirming the moth infestation level but also to determine the moth type. 

  • Specific Chemical Treatment

Completely based on the findings of the inspection we conducted, we accurately tailor a specific chemical treatment. This chemical treatment gets rid of any moth population and infestations a moth creates. However, we proceed with the specific chemical treatment only after we explain all the ins and outs of it. 

  • Moth Prevention Advice

To assure you of long-term results after moth caterpillar control services, we offer moth prevention advice. Only after we charge the moth exterminator cost is accountable for treatment as a whole. All those tips and suggestions we offer are very helpful to you. 

Residential And Commercial Locals Can Count On Us For Moth Control Perth Services

Is your garden under the spell of winter moths? Then make your garden a paradise with our winter moth control service right this moment. No matter the infestation level a moth creates in your Perth property, from the garden to the bathroom, we take care of everything. This way your residential area becomes moth-free in as much less time as possible. Other residential properties we serve are academic institutions, apartments, private homes, etc. 

Coming to areas under commercial premises, we treat manufacturing industries, factories, warehouses, malls, eateries and more. Our moth control Perth team assists you with cloth moth control service if yours is a textile business. From small jobs to larger projects, we take every client’s request from Perth and hence become a qualified company. So, trust us to carry effective residential and commercial moth treatments! 

Emergency Treatments For Home & Carpet Moths By Our Professionals

We have been in Perth for years now providing emergency home and carpet moths extermination services for its locals. Working as different teams, our moth control Perth experts know the reasons for the emergency need for both these services. Thus, associating yourself with us for any of these services or both frees you from the responsibility of handling moth control all on your own. 

Moreover, despite the situation forcing us to take immediate action, we make use of industry-leading technology and advanced equipment. In addition to this, we never compromise to use any kind of harsh solutions for moth caterpillar control or any other services. Because your property and yourself deserve the best when it comes to emergency home and carpet moth treatments. 

Why Did We Become A Popular Moth Control Perth Team? 

To not let you suffer all around the clock and year, our moth control Perth team came up with great ideas that put your mind at ease. In fact, this is one of the reasons why we became a popular company for moth caterpillar control services at home. Look at what you benefit from hiring us for moth control in house. 

  • Solutions We Use Are Certified: Although we use different kinds of solutions depending on the moth damages to your property, all of those are certified. In addition to being certified our solutions are safe, kid-friendly, pet-friendly and environmentally friendly. 
  • In Field Qualified Experts: Whichever team you book from our company you find them their field qualified experts of the Perth region. In addition to this, our infield experts are experienced and highly efficient to provide effective on-site service. 
  • Short-Notice Service Bookings: We know how some people look for moth control in house treatments from our company and hence we take short notice bookings. These short-notice bookings are taken even on weekends and holidays like public offs. 
  • Savings To Your Pockets: One of the best benefits you get on availing of services is that you can save your pockets from extra charges. In fact, true to our word, we maintain transparency with moth pest control costs for every booking we get. 
  • Upon Request, Follow-Ups Are Provided: We understand that even after mouth control treatment some properties need follow-ups. Therefore, if we get such requests from Perth clients we are always ready to do the follow-up month control treatment. 
  • Local Team In Perth: Whenever we receive requests from locals of Perth, we dispatch our local teams that know every direction of Perth. Hence, you can rest assured that you get timely manner moth caterpillar control services. 

Call Us From Anywhere In Perth To Avail Our Services, Including Its Suburbs 

Sometimes, moth infestations occur occasionally and some other times, very frequently. However, you can avoid both of these scenarios with our moth control Perth team’s assistance. We are well-known in Northbridge, Burswood, Fremantle, Scarborough and other suburbs of Perth for our excellence in moth pest control services. We also charge you accordingly to the layout, size of property size and other features.

Home Pest Control Perth ensure to maintain the same quality standards throughout Perth and its suburbs by dispatching different local teams. Our professionals also come to Canning Duncraig, Joondalup Bentley, Lockridge, Bullsbrook and others to offer winter moth control. Thus, make sure to schedule with us if you want an inspection for pest control carpet moths, cloth moths, winter moths and pantry moths. We are always available! 

What Are The Advantages of Our Moth Control Services?

  • Experts: All the members of our team are highly knowledgeable and skilled. Also, all of us have years of experience in eradicating moths from the property effectively and quickly.
  • Affordable: The moth control cost we ask for is very reasonable so there is no issue in hiring us. So now you can book our services without any worry.
  • Advanced techniques: We use recent technology to eradicate moths from your property. This makes our services quick and also effective.
  • Safe methods: None of the solutions and techniques we use is hazardous to you or your family. Hence there is no risk in hiring us. 
  • Availability: Our team is available round the clock to help all the customers in Perth. Thus do not hesitate to ring us any time of the day or night.
  • Same-day Service: We are available for same-day moth control services in Perth without charging any extra amount.


What are your working hours for moth control in house treatments?

If it is bookings for moth control in house treatments, we work from dawn till dusk throughout the year with no weekends and week offs. However, if it comes to us providing the moth control Perth service, then we are available on all the weekdays.

Do I need to provide my details for booking the winter moth control service?

In order to book our winter moth control service or others, you have to provide us with certain information like,
a) Postcode area
b) Moth infestation areas and 
c) Length of time since an infestation started.

Do you dispatch locals of Perth toy property for moth control services?

Yes, we do send our local moth control Perth team to your property. And to avail of their assistance on time, you need to provide us with the detailed address of your property in Perth.

Do your moth pest controllers do inspections?

Yes, we also do moth inspection before customising a treatment plan and executing it as it helps in identifying moth type and infestation level severity. So, do not worry about the inspection.

Despite cleaning my home regularly, I keep finding moths-why?

Moths mainly seek your place for food, water and shelter and are not attracted by dirtiness. Thus, it is better to look for professionals like us for moth caterpillar control services.