Possum Removal Perth

Fully-Assured Possum Removal And Treatment in Perth 

Are possums creating havoc on your lawn? Do you not want to be in the same place as possums and stay away from getting diseases? Take possum removal services from Home Pest Control as we serve them all along Perth at low costs. As locals from Perth value high-standard possum trappers, we dispatch them for residential and commercial premise services. In fact, our possum removal Perth team assures you desirable results because of their skills in tailoring end-to-end solutions.

With the most innovative possum pest control methods and up-to-date environmentally friendly products, we are leading the industry. Moreover, we offer on-time service delivery to provide a satisfying client experience for Perth residents. There are also people who knock on our doors for dead possum removal late at night and despite that, we take their bookings. Because we are available 24/7/365 days for slot bookings. Thus, call today on 0488 851 508.

Team For Most Dependable Possum Removal Services In Perth

Are you experiencing possum invasion and damage to your property? Are you searching for the most reliable possum removal company in Perth? Home Pest Control Perth is the most trusted possum pest control service provider in Perth. We have a comprehensive possum control strategy to eliminate them from your house. 

A team of qualified and skilled possum catchers ensures a stress-free and safe possum removal from your house. Since possums are illegal to kill, we make sure to follow all the rules and regulations given by the government. 

Since possums are nocturnal animals, it is difficult to catch them. Do not worry and trust our possum removal Perth team for amazing possum removal services. Our team will begin with a detailed examination of your property, and identify the possum species. Depending upon the examination our possum catches will plan a possum removal strategy. Our team uses exclusive possum traps and boxes to catch them very easily and effectively. 

Hence call us at 0488 851 508 to book your appointment as soon as possible. We are here to help you round the clock.

Possum Removal Perth

The Importance Of Possum Removal And Their Infestations

Removal of possums is very important because of various reasons from diseases to property damage and many more. A few of the on-point reasons that show the importance of possum removal are right here. 

  • Cause Several Diseases: Possums cause numerous health diseases like leptospirosis, tularemia, relapsing fever and more. However, you can prevent yourself from getting them by availing of on-time professional possum removal services.
  • Avoid Property Damage: With possums’ skills in climbing and jumping, they easily get access to your property and damage it. They chew the electrical wires, plumbing, and air ducts and make holes in floors and walls too if not noticed their presence. 
  • Compromises Healthy Environment: Possums droppings and unpleasant odours compromise the healthy environment around you. And this in turn triggers asthma problems and allergic reactions in you. 
  • Creates Garbage Mess: Once possums get access to the interiors of your property, they create a mess in your garbage. However, in most cases, animals like cats, dogs and racoons take the blame for this.
  • Upsets Your Pets: These creatures do not just create havoc on the property but upset your pets too. For suppose, possums costume pet food, which leads to unnecessary fights and worse causes diseases in pets.

Note- Once a possum gets into your property, they live in the same place until their death because of its territorial behavior. 

Checks For These Signs To Confirm Possum Infestations At Your Premises 

As small as possums are, it is not difficult if you want to detect their presence at your premise because there are many signs. Possums are quick at adapting to places they invade and instead steal your goodnight’s sleep. Therefore, do not wait anymore to be in their presence and check the following possum signs:

  • Property Damage- As possums prefer entering from the exteriors of a property, they damage everything that comes into their site. Like, trees, plants, gutter systems, fences, roof shingles, eaves, property sidings, soffits on roofs, etc. 
  • Disappearing Of Pet Food- Possums particularly get drawn to pet food and mostly prefer consuming cat food among other pet foods. Thus, you have to make sure to check your pet’s food isn’t disappearing and making your pet starve. 
  • Frequent Possum Noises- Having a wide range of vocalizations, mother possums make lip-smacking or clicking noises to call their babies. In addition to this, possums also make scratching, hissing, ripping, grunting, shuttling noises, etc. 
  • Possum Droppings- Possums defecate very frequently with droppings as large as cats which leads to unpleasant odours. In fact, the wet droppings of possums soak into other materials if you leave the defecated area uncleaned. 
  • Footprints And Tracks- You find front paw footprints of possums that are around 3 to 4 cm. So, check around yourself for possums’ footprints, fur, unusual odours and droppings.

However, despite finding possums easily because of the signs mentioned above, the removal task is a bit harder than you think. Hence, contact our authorized company to take assistance from the efficient possum removal Perth team. Be it for emergency service or next-day service, we are always on your side to provide timely fashion possum removal services. Call us right away!  

The Possum Removal & Treatment We Follow In Perth

In order to protect your Perth property from contact possum attacks and threats, we offer effective possum removal and treatment. So, take a low below: 

Inspection For Possums

Set to do an inspection of the possum-infested area, we take the necessary detectors with us in order to do a detailed inspection. Upon reaching the location in Perth, we inspect every access point of possums like the attic, rooftops, etc. Meanwhile, we also check to confirm the severity of possum infestation and the factors contributing to it. 

Possum Removal Plan

After a thorough and in detail area inspection, we customize a treatment plan that completely gets rid of possums. Our possum removal Perth plan includes the removal method, timeline of the treatment ends and location where we free the possum. In addition to this, our professionals also give you a few special instructions. Note- We implement the possum pest control plan only after the client gives us consent for it.

Possum Removal Perth Treatment

Once we complete customizing the plan, we proceed to execute the same accordingly. The possum removal treatments are of different methods such as the following:

  • Live Cage Traps- This is the most common method used for possum removal by our possum catchers. The sizes of cages we use depend upon the possum size
  • Baits- We bait possums with their favourite food items such as mixing cat or fish food in apples. If necessary, we attract possums with marshmallows 
  • Deterrents- Also, in some cases, we resort to using deterrents that are tested and approved. These deterrents show the best results 
  • Electric Shocks- Oftentimes, we also propose electric shocks of low volts to remove possums at your place. In most cases, we do this for possums at fences

On completing the treatment, we relocate the possums to a safer place that is 50 m away from your property. However, we also make sure to leave them in terrestrial areas where they do not get exposed to any kind of danger.

Ongoing Possum Control Prevention 

The final step of our possum removal program is to provide useful prevention tips and basic strategies that help you. With these prevention tips, your place doesn’t become a possum target anymore.

  • Store pet food in airtight sealants
  • Declutter your property frequently
  • Trim shrubs, plants and trees on a regular basis
  • Cover garbage bins with lids
  • Get rid of possum shelters, if you find any.

Benefits of Using Our Perth Possum Control Services 

Whenever you make a booking with us, there are a variety of benefits you will receive. Look at these: 

  • Competence: Each of our possum control specialists is experienced and familiar with a variety of techniques for getting rid of possums in homes. We have also dealt with dead possum problems for many years. 
  • Cost-effective: All of our services are reasonable in price. Consequently, we won’t throw off your finances, making it simple for you to hire us. 
  • On scheduled time: We are aware of the significance of prompt possum control in the home. So, we always arrive on time to provide you with our amazing services.
  • Safe methods: All of the traps we employ are risk-free and non-toxic. As a result, neither you nor your pets will be harmed. 
  • High-tech equipment: The equipment we utilise is really cutting-edge. Consequently, it produces quick and efficient solutions. 
  • Same-day service: We provide our clients with complimentary emergency and same-day possum extermination services. 

Simply get in touch with us as soon as you can to take advantage of the perks listed above.

Why Choose Home Pest Control Perth For Possum Removal? 

With trained possum trappers, you can avail of top-quality services on any weekday by making appointments even on weekends. Our possum removal Perth team also seals off the possum access points and leaves behind no potential residues. Reach out to our possum pest control exterminators to know more reasons why to choose us.

  • Any local from Perth can contact us to avail obligation-free quote, even on week offs and public offs
  • Remove possum from roof using the latest technology and not damaging the property during the process
  • Total satisfaction assurance with effective services at reasonable possum removal cost
  • Humane possum control with the industry’s best and safest solutions
  • A licensed, certified and specialized possum catcher team is available for emergency services.